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You should join AAHP because we care about improving healthcare for all Alabamians. We work with our colleagues to discover the best ways to maximize the health and wellbeing of all residents in our state. We care about our hospital, medical, pharmaceutical, dental and allied industry communities who, without their expertise, our mission of achieving optimal health would be impossible. We care about our regulators who oversee our industry and assist us in improving our quality of care. We care about our elected officials who create laws that help all Alabamians, not just a few. We care about you!

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aahp - an active voice


As a member of AAHP your company is part of an organized, active voice in Alabama on policy issues affecting health benefit plans. We provide information for policymakers, media outlets, opinion leaders and the public pertaining to legislative, regulatory and marketplace issues.


Charter Members constitute the voting board seats within the association. The board encourages any organization who has a interest in achieving optimal health for Alabama citizens to join our organization. We are seeking those companies and individuals who have the products and expertise to help us meet our mission.
aahp - legislative oversight and reform


AAHP has an active and participating legislative advocacy program at the state level, and also monitors federal legislative health affairs through its membership in the America’s Health Insurance Plans. Member companies share information on all state and federal legislation affecting health plan operations.

Regulatory Oversite and Advocacy

AAHP members regularly engage in organized discussion and analysis of regulatory matters among themselves and in conjunction with officials from both the Alabama Department of Insurance and the Alabama Department of Public Health. Member companies benefit from long-standing professional relationships within the Alabama regulatory community. We pride ourselves on maintaining a proactive relationship with our regulatory agencies and strive to work collaboratively with them to improve our industry on behalf of the businesses and citizens who use our products.
aahp - network with others


AAHP believes in breaking down the silos of the enormous healthcare industry. This is why we strive to maximize our Associate Member and Charter Members’ ability to meet and learn from open and honest dialogue. Our meetings offer our attendees personal time to visit and discuss issues affecting our industry while also offering them the opportunity to build long lasting personal relationships.

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our conference

Our Annual Summer Conference is one of the premier events in the country. Lifelong business and personal relationships were started at this event. Many of our Associate members have told us it is one of the best meetings of the year because they get quality time with health plan executives and some of the most influential healthcare leaders in our state.


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