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Breaking down barriers. That’s what we do! AAHP works to find common ground within an industry that is known to be fragmented and siloed. Most issues that find their way to the Statehouse in the form of legislation could have been prevented had the chain of communication been managed. We have been blessed to work with some of the greatest minds throughout the healthcare association industry that proactively work to do what is right for the people of Alabama whether it be medical, hospital, dental, etc. We believe working with our colleagues is the key to a smooth operating healthcare system. We are just a small part of this puzzle, but take our responsibilities very seriously by preventing small issues from becoming legislative issues. In Alabama, we communicate to solve problems – proactively!
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Cooperation is working jointly toward the same end. AAHP is focused on making Alabamians healthier and by cooperating with our regulators and clinical friends we have learned that improving healthcare in Alabama is possible. We maintain an open door for our hospital, physician, pharmacists and dentists to ensure we are not creating undue burdens for them while making sure they understand the need to maintain affordable healthcare access for all Alabamians.


Promoting our mission is an honor. If its working with our legislators or regulators or visiting with the local Chamber of Commerce, we strive to maintain an active role in education. When we advocate for health plans we are advocating for our insureds and future insureds to maximize quality while maintaining affordability.


AAHP has always been open to working with other businesses, associations, civic groups, municipalities, academia and other organizations to bridge the gap between health plans and the end consumer. From making presentations at lunch meetings to serving as keynote speakers at conferences, AAHP is open to educating Alabamians on how they can improve their health and the health of those in their communities.
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Your optimal health is our goal and responsibility. Anything we can do to support improving the health and overall wellbeing of each and every Alabamian is our utmost priority.


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